Achieving Access to Justice Through ADR: Fact or Fiction?

On November 1, the Fordham Law Review, in conjunction with the Conflict Resolution and ADR Program and National Center for Access to Justice at Fordham Law School will present a program entitled “Achieving Access to Justice Through ADR:  Fact or Fiction?”

ADR is enthusiastically promoted as a vehicle for providing access to justice.  For parties, there are promises of autonomy, self-determination, and empowerment.  For courts, there is the attraction of procedural and administrative reforms and greater efficiencies.  This symposium will offer a critical analysis of ADR’s access to justice claims and consider whether these claims should be more modest.  An outstanding group of scholars will address this issue in a number of contexts, including procedural and substantive justice, arbitration, mediation, online dispute resolution, and international, comparative, and cross-cultural perspectives.

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