Ebner on Cross-Cultural Transactions

From FOI Noam Ebner (Creighton): I’m very excited to share that my book, co-edited with friend and colleague Prof. Ayub Khan, has been published.

The Palgrave Handbook of Cross-Cultural Business Negotiation goes far beyond ‘negotiation with a business twist.’ After covering the basics, the book focuses on the realities of contemporary international business, in which cross-cultural negotiation has become the norm rather than the exception, and in which cross-cultural negotiation skills are now a key and requisite component in any negotiator’s toolbox.

The Handbook reviews the literature on culture, particularly on exploring culture at the national level, as well as the various approaches to analyzing culture’s role and effects in negotiation. Utilizing a critical approach, it makes suggestions for understanding culture in ways that will yield real-world benefits in negotiation practice.

The book is unique in combining these two broad overviews – of negotiation, and of negotiation and culture – with a matching package of specifics, in the form of country-specific chapters providing cultural analysis and negotiation practices of business negotiators in 20 countries around the world. Each chapter is written ‘from the inside out’ by experts living and/or working in each country.

Like the book’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/CrossCulturalBusinessNegotiation and follow it on Twitter @XCulturalBizNeg, for commentary on current cross-cultural negotiation events and for updates in this field.

I’m grateful to my co-editor, to our wonderful team of over twenty authors who contributed their time and expertise, to the editorial team at Palgrave MacMillian, and of course – to my family, who lived this project as much as I did.


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