Missouri News

It’s that time of year when schools report all the cool things they have done in the preceding year.  I’m proud to share two issues of the newsletter from Missouri.

One issue of the newsletter lists the scholarly work of the senior fellows at our Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution.  Stacie Strong and Ilhyung Lee, long-time members of the Center, continue to produce high-level dispute resolution scholarship in their areas of scholarly focus, cross-cultural dispute resolution and arbitration, respectively.  Amy Schmitz, our most recent hire, is going gangbusters in her scholarship on online dispute resolution.  Bob Jerry and Chris Wells, nationally recognized scholars in the fields of insurance law and free speech respectively, published their first dispute resolution work, growing out of the symposium they organized about handling conflicts about free speech on campus.  I even wrote some things from my retirement home.

The other newsletter issue describes our activities at home and around the world, our LLM and visiting scholars programs, and the Stone Soup Project.

Take a look to read more detail.


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