Symposium Articles on The First Amendment, The University, and Conflict

From my colleague, S.I. Strong:

I am happy to announce the publication of the spring 2018 issue of the Journal of Dispute Resolution, which includes pieces from our symposium on The First Amendment, The University and Conflict. The articles will shortly be put on Westlaw and Lexis, but until then, you can download copies for free form the JDR website.

The table of contents shows below for your convenience.

● The First Amendment, The University and Conflict: An Introduction to the Symposium, Christina E. Wells
● Resolving Conflict on Campus: A Case Study on Free Speech and Controversial Speakers Benson Clayton, T. Huff, J.
● Generating a Dissolution Process at the University of Missouri: A Student Perspective, Evonnia S. Woods
● Free Speech Conflict: What We Learned at Middlebury College, Baishakhi Taylor
● The Centrality of Ongoing Relationships, Jacob Appelsmith
● Beyond the Narratives: How Free Speech in Higher Education is Truly Restricted, Azhar Majeed
● Our Obligation: Protecting Free Speech and Fostering Inclusive Environments, Patricia Telles-Irvin
● Four Questions About Free Speech and Campus Conflict, Jennifer Gerarda Brown
● Framing Campus Free Expression Conflict Through a Dispute Resolution Optic: Insights for Campus Leaders, Robert H. Jerry, II
● Private Universities and the First Amendment, Ben Trachtenberg

● “It All Started With a Mouse”: Resolving International Trademark Disputes Using Arbitration, Ashlyn Calhoun
● The Modern Arbitration Frankenstein: The Rise and Fall of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Arbitration Rule, Nick Leyh
● The Jury is Out: Mandating Pre-Treatment Arbitration Clauses in Patient Intake Contracts, Sarah Sachs

● “Hardly Be Said to Offer An Education at All”: Endrew and its Impact on Special Education Mediation, Grant Simon

All best,

Prof. S.I. Strong
Manley O. Hudson Professor of Law
University of Missouri School of Law

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