Stone Soup Assessment: Peter Phillips’s Negotiation Course

Peter Phillips, the director of New York Law School’s ADR Skills Program, used Stone Soup in his negotiation course this semester.

In his assessment, he wrote that the interview assignment was an excellent fit for his course, which helped students see in practice the theory they learned in class.  He told me that students enjoyed it far more than they or Peter expected.  Students were excited to hear that negotiators actually use the techniques that they were learning about in class.  He said that this assignment was extremely gratifying.

He doesn’t plan to change much when he uses this assignment again.  He will do this at about week 8 or 9 of a 14-week course, so that students will have been exposed to the techniques that they will ask about in the interviews.

Here are the guidance for students in conducting interviews and model interview solicitation adapted from the Stone Soup materials.

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