Another Creative Cease-and-Desist

This time from Bud Light. Watch the video of the town crier reading the letter, which asks a Minnesota brewery to cease and desist using Bud Light’s trademarked “Dilly Dilly” in the name of brewery’s newly released “Dilly Dilly Mosaic Double IPA.” (If that link doesn’t work, try this one.)

The transcript of the letter:

Dear friend of the crown, Modist Brewing Company, congratulations on the launch of your new brew, Dilly Dilly Mosaic Double IPA. Let it be known that we believe that any beer that is shared between friends is a fine beer indeed, and we are duly flattered by your loyal tribute.

However, ‘dilly dilly’ is the motto of our realm, so we humbly ask that you keep this to a limited edition, one-time only run. This is by order of the King, and disobedience shall be met with additional scrolls, then with a formal warning and finally a private tour of the pit of misery. Please send a raven, letter or electronic mail to let us know that you agree to this request.

Also, we will be in your fair citadel of Minneapolis for the Super Bowl and would love to offer two thrones to said game for two of your finest employees to watch the festivities and enjoy a few Bug Lights on us. Yours truthfully, Bud Light.

In addition to taking a lighthearted approach to the matter, Bud Light (similar to Netflix before them, with respect to its cease-and-desist letter to the Chicago pop-up bar with the Stranger Things theme) gave permission for Modist to finish selling its initial batch and provided two tickets to the Superbowl to Modist employees.

The Superbowl tickets are a nice touch. Given the divisions that can sometimes arise between beer lovers (microbrew v. mainstream, e.g.), this generous gesture serves to put the brewery on alert regarding the trademark and also to foster/legitimize less partisan beer drinking. In a world that feels so polarized sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded of what we have in common.

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