High Profile Interest-Based Negotiation

Fox News host Megyn Kelly made a deal to leave Fox and work for NBC.  She was in the enviable position of having a lot of bargaining power considering that she was wooed by ABC and CNN as well as Fox and NBC.

NBC chairman Andrew Lack was successful in getting her to sign on with NBC reportedly because he focused on Ms. Kelly’s interests. “One person briefed on Ms. Kelly’s deliberations said that Mr. Lack won her over by starting the talks with a question about what she was seeking, instead of flatly offering possibilities.  He then came back with a deal that was tailored to her preferences.”

Ms. Kelly is a lawyer, having graduated from Albany Law School in 1995 and worked as a corporate litigator for the Jones Day firm for nine years.  She recently published an autobiography, Settle for More, which she presumably just did with NBC, having generated attractive offers from other major TV networks.  She is Exhibit A for Andrea’s TED Talk about women negotiating.


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