Some Highlights of the Tower of Babel Symposium

As you may have heard, we held the Moving Negotiation Theory from the Tower of Babel Toward a World of Mutual Understanding symposium at the University of Missouri on October 7.

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We had a lively discussion about what the heck is negotiation, how to know what really happens in negotiation, the role of context in negotiation theory, whether it is possible to have a unified field theory of negotiation (or at least some commonly understood concepts), what to do about the integrative-distributive framework, possible differences between what scholars believe about negotiation and what we teach students, among many other things.

You can watch the three 50-minute panels by clicking here.

Adapting the process from the very successful Rethinking Negotiation Teaching conferences, the speakers will collaborate in writing articles for a symposium issue of Missouri’s Journal of Dispute Resolution.

Part of the fun of our academic events is spending some relaxed time together.  My colleague, Bob Bailey and his wife, Sharon, hosted a wonderful dinner at their house.  Here are some photos of the crew that you might enjoy.


Noam Ebner, Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff, Andrea Schneider, David Matz


Sanda Kaufman, Rishi Batra, Adrian Borbḗly


Bob Jerry, Rishi Batra, John Lande, Bob Bailey, Rafael Gely, Jim Levin






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