Best Practices for Legal Education

I’m failing at retirement again.

I just joined the Best Practices for Legal Education blog.  Every once in a while, I would forward to BPLE editor Mary Lynch a post I wrote for Indisputably to mention in her blog.  Having written several posts recently relevant to legal education generally, I asked if she would like me to join their blog.

I just posted my first piece on BPLE, introducing myself and providing links to various DR resources that their readers might be interested in.

Going forward, I assume that when I write things for Indisputably that might be of interest to the BPLE audience, I will cross-post it, possibly with some revisions to make it more meaningful to colleagues who do not specialize in DR.  And I will pay more attention to the BPLE posts, possibly riffing on them here.

I hope that I can serve as a bridge between faculty particularly interested in dispute resolution and those particularly interested in legal education issues.  If you have some interest in legal education generally, you might check out or subscribe to BPLE.

One thought on “Best Practices for Legal Education”

  1. Thanks, John, for raising awarness of the BPLE BLog.
    And a reminder: As an editor to the secon BPLE book, Building on Best Practices: Transforming Legal Education in a Changing World, which came out in 2015 (originally published by Lexis/Nexis, now taken on by Carolina Academic Press), I made sure that the Dispute Resolution community had voice. Andrea Schneider published a chapter on the state of DR legal education — making a pitch for the necessity of robust DR curricula at every law school. John Lande and Jill Gross also contributed a chapter, on integrating ADR and problem-solving thorughout the law curriculum. The BPLE Blog is a place for comments on these topics as well as broader issues in legal education reform.

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