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A message from my colleague, S.I. Strong:

Dear all

I’m the moderator of Young OGEMID, which is aimed at junior associates, academics and students interested in international dispute resolution.  The listserve serves a variety of purposes, but I’m writing because we’re going to be doing a virtual symposium next week on writing for publication and competitions, starting on Monday.  We will have the winners of the Crawford Prize, one of the top awards in international dispute resolution, presenting their views from both an academic and practitioner perspective.

I wanted to let you all know in case you have students interested in international commercial arbitration or investment arbitration who might benefit from the discussion.  There is no fee for joining YO, although some conditions (most notably the Chatham Rule) apply.

Click here for more information about joining the listserve.

The listserve is aimed at young professionals, but it carries benefits for law students as well.  If you’d like to circulate this to the appropriate people at your law schools, please feel free.  We’re really trying to make the list more active with topics of interest to younger members of the community.

Some of the more junior academics on this list might also be eligible to join YO.  Senior faculty are excluded from the list so that the junior people will feel free to engage in candid conversation.

Please let me know, on or offline, if you have any questions.

Thanks and have a good weekend!

All best,

S.I. Strong, FCIArb

Manley O. Hudson Professor of Law
Senior Fellow, Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution
University of Missouri
216 Hulston Hall
Columbia, MO 65211 USA
Tel.: +1 573 882 2465
Email: strongsi@missouri.edu

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