This is the season when a flood of promotional literature flows through the mailboxes of law professors, coincidentally right before the US News surveys arrive. So if you are one of the usual suspects, it would be quite understandable if Missouri’s contribution to this genre entitled, “The Art of Teaching Dispute Resolution,” ended up in your incinerate-before-reading pile. If so – or if you are not sufficiently suspicious to have received a copy in the mail – do not despair. You can download a copy of your very own.


In this collection of short articles, I was surprised to learn a lot that I didn’t know about my colleagues’ creative teaching techniques. So this might give you some useful ideas for your courses or suggestions for your colleagues.

2 thoughts on “ICYMI”

  1. The booklet is terrific. I think it’s the best promotional piece I have ever seen — useful and informative and interesting. Great work Missouri!!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Jen. Our new director, Rafael Gely, deserves a lot of credit for planning and editing this booklet. He believes that our publications should not only impress people with how great Missouri is but, more importantly, provide some intrinsic value for readers.

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