George Friedman’s Prolific Retirement

As I blogged here, at the end of 2012, George Friedman retired as Executive Vice President and Director of Dispute Resolution of FINRA Dispute Resolution after many years in a top role there.  (He remains an Adjunct Professor at Fordham where he has taught Arbitration Law for many years.)

However, since his so-called retirement, he has been a very prolific author and blogger in the area of securities arbitration and arbitration law generally. Among other topics, he has analyzed the Supreme Court’s most recent arbitration decisions, critiqued the most recent iteration of the Arbitration Fairness Act, and more openly addressed critics of FINRA’s forum.  His unique perspective as a former top administrator of a critical mediation and arbitration forum that was subject to regulatory oversight provides an important new voice in the public discussion of securities arbitration, and I welcome his contributions.  You can access most of his writings either on his website, here, or through his blog entries on the Arbitration Resolution Services blog (he is on the ARS Board), here.

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