R.S.I. has launched a National Guide to Court ADR programs

Susan Yates sent me some information on a new comprehensive national guide to court alternative dispute resolution programs at CourtADR.org, RSI’s (Resolution Systems Institute)  Court ADR Resource Center.

From the press release: 

RSI  has published a guide titled Court ADR Across the US, features thousands of statespecific local and federal resources, organized in a dynamic, searchable, state-by-state format. Court ADR Across the US is a unique free service, as is the host site CourtADR.org. Courts have limited budgets and staff time to research the ever-increasing amount of information about court ADR. By creating a central location for reliable, quality information about court ADR programs from each court system in the country, RSI aims to empower court administrators, judges, attorneys and neutrals to use that information to make more effective and efficient use of ADR.  Visitors can search the entire guide through the Court ADR Across the US introductory page, at www.courtadr.org/court-adr-across-the-us

For more information check out Susan’s blog post about the new guide at the RSI site: http://blog.aboutrsi.org/2010/evaluation/rsi-launches-state-by-state-guide-to-court-adr/ 

It looks like the guide will be a terrific resource for the ADR community.

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  1. To the NJ rules, you should add Rule 4:21A et seq., the rules governing the statewide arbitration program

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