Fairly Legal Premieres Tonight

Don’t forget that Fairly Legal the new mediator show premieres tonight on the USA network at 10/9 central.  We’ve mentioned the show a couple of times on this blog (here and here).  Here’s a short synopsis: 

Once a lawyer at her family’s firm, Kate Reed’s (Sarah Shahi) frustration with the legal system led her to a new career as a mediator. Thanks to her understanding of human nature, thorough legal knowledge and wry sense of humor, she’s a natural at resolving disputes … except when it comes to her own. With the help of her assistant Leonardo (Baron Vaughn), Kate must balance the stress from her “wicked” stepmother Lauren (Virginia Williams) and soon-to-be-ex-husband Justin (Michael Trucco), with her unconventional life as a mediator.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?  I expect to see lots of stuff we’ll find objectionable on the show, but hey – that’s what makes for good TV.  But it’s so hard for me to put those objections aside.  That’s why I have such a hard time watching lawyer TV shows and movies.

One thing you won’t find objectionable is that they’ve filmed an episode where the Indisputably crew makes a cameo.  The main character joins us for drinks at a mediation conference.  Shockingly appropriate, I know.  Unfortunately, after filming the writers liked the idea so much that they decided to make it a real episode, so we’ve ended up on the cutting room floor.  However, they have some good actors playing us:   

  • Andrea – Marissa Tomei
  • Michael – Colin Firth
  • Sarah – Julianne Moore
  • Art – Orlando Bloom
  • Jill – Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • Cynthia – Deborah Messing
  • Paul – Ryan Reynolds
  • Kelly – Amy Adams 

Dare I say – “Less Lawyer.  More Appeal.”

4 thoughts on “Fairly Legal Premieres Tonight”

  1. Aren’t the characters joining us at the ABA conference? And thank Art, for giving me Marisa Tomei–have always loved her!

  2. Art, wonderful casting choices! I love the idea of Deborah Messing as me. And, really, can’t we at least get Colin Firth and Orlando Bloom to join us in Denver?

  3. Well, I thought the show was funny and, for the most part, did not mess up the definitions of ADR or mediation too badly. Of course, the idea that a mediator could mediate an engagement ring case (I did that once–so much fun!) , settle a family dispute, and negotiate a plea agreement all within 24 hours sounds more like tv than reality.

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