UC-Irvine’s New Law Faculty

UC-Irvine is in the process of creating the first new public law school in California in several decades, and the formation of its faculty had been, for some time, the subject of considerable gossip within the legal academy.  (If this doesn’t strike you as gossip-worthy, you obviously don’t spend your days inside the walls of the legal academy.)

Irvine’s “founding” faculty were recently announced, and among the names of founding faculty members was Carrie Menkel-Meadow.  I can’t imagine that anyone reading an ADR lawprof blog needs an introduction to Carrie, one of the most prolific ADR scholars of her (or any) generation.

I have no idea whether Carrie is maintaining her appointment at Georgetown.  If no, that’s a tremendous loss for Georgetown.

What I will be most interested to watch is how much innovation Carrie can bring to the school as it conceives of a curriculum out of whole cloth.  Might we see Civil Procedure and ADR taught together (as they should be)?  Might we see something even more innovative?

I’m not sure what mechanism(s) we on the outside will have for watching what Irvine itself refers to as its “experiment,” but I’m eager to watch and learn.

Michael Moffitt

2 thoughts on “UC-Irvine’s New Law Faculty”

  1. Carrie will find many kindred souls in southern California, which like all of California, is a hot bed of mediation and ADR. Many will look forward to seeing her at Southern California Mediation Association and California Dispute Resolution Council events if she chooses to become involved in the professional life of the mediation community.

  2. My memory is that Carrie spent at least a decade teaching at UCLA before she went to Georgetown, so I’m sure that she will have no trouble re-joining the southern California ADR community.

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