Law School Building of the Future?

A few weeks ago, Marquette Law School hosted the groundbreaking on a new law school building (in the slideshow, note the really cute picture of our DR program manager Natalie Fleury with her two kids!). I have been working with the architects as part of faculty committees and the technology committee to really think about what law students need (and what professors want too) in a law school of the future. And, in addition to an espresso bar where I can get my lattes on a regular basis, I have been seriously thinking about the pedagogy of ADR and skills classes in general. So–question to our readers–what would you put in a law school of the future?

I have thought about small rooms with video equipment for taping, larger rooms with movable tables and chairs for role-plays and group work, rooms with whiteboards on most sides so that students can be up recording their work on their own, and all sorts of other things. But I am sure that I am missing at least a few things and that some of you have seen something fabulous (or have dreamed it) and I would love to benefit from your wisdom. Let me know what you would make sure is in a law school building for the future. Thanks!

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