Deputy Counsel – ICC Court of Arbitration

The International Chamber of Commerce is seeking applicants to be Deputy Counsel, based in New York City, primarily working with cases in the North American region.  I’m told that they generally look for folks who are a few years out of law school and know arbitration  well, even if they haven’t formally worked in the field as counsel.

Go here for the  job posting and the basic job description is below

The role involves both legal and administrative tasks, including:

  • Reviewing and processing requests for arbitration and other documents filed by parties, arbitrators, and others during arbitration proceedings.
  • Preparing agendas (memoranda) briefing the International Court of Arbitration on decisions it is required to take.
  • When Counsel is absent, replace Counsel at sessions of the International Court of Arbitration
  • Correspondence and telephone conversations with parties and arbitral tribunals concerning all aspects of case management.
  • Answering general queries about the ICC arbitral process by telephone and in writing
  • Monitoring the financial aspects of the arbitrations handled by the team

Successful applicants may also prepare notes or articles for publication and represent the Court and its Secretariat during seminars and conferences.

This sounds like a great opportunity.  Having the ICC on one’s resume is great for working in arbitration long term.

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