Comings and Goings – 2022 Edition

There’s a lot to report this year.  Among a slew of high-profile moves and new people in our community, we’re already seeing ADR among the hiring advertisements of several schools.  With all of the hubbub I’m sure I’ve missed some items worth mentioning (more new hires?).  If you have some info to share, please send it along and I will post an updated list.

Congrats to everyone !

New Hires

Gilat Bachar – Temple

Rachel Wechsler – Missouri

Robyn Weinstein – Cardozo (Yeshiva)


Hiro Aragaki – Loyola (LA) to UC Hastings

Amy Cohen – Ohio State to Temple (reported last year, official in July 2022)

Donna Erez Navot – Cardozo (Yeshiva) to Florida

Lauren Newell – Ohio Northern to Campbell (NC) (December 2022)

Brian Pappas – Eastern Michigan (non-law administrator) to North Dakota (to become Dean)

Andrea Schneider – Marquette to Cardozo (Yeshiva)

Sandra Sperino – Cincinnati to Missouri


Andrea Schneider (Cardozo) – member, American Law Institute

Leaving Academia

Ellen Waldman – Thomas Jefferson to the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (aka CPR)


Jim Levin – Missouri (December 2022)


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3 thoughts on “Comings and Goings – 2022 Edition”

  1. I’ll be teaching the Mediation course at the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys school of law as an adjunct this semester.

    1. Fabulous, Linda! Your students will get an incredibly valuable and insightful perspective about mediation and practice generally.

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