How Many Friends Do You Want?

Your answer to this question probably is a good indicator of your degree of introversion or extroversion.

In an article, How Many Friends Do You Really Need?, confessed introvert and New York Times writer Catherine Pearson describes an argument she has with her husband about how many friends they should have.

We both have one or two close friends and siblings we like to spend time with. Plus, we are busy parenting two young boys who sap most of our energy.  As a textbook introvert, this feels like plenty of friends to me.  Excessive, even.  But my husband is an extrovert who comes alive around other people.  As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, I can feel him yearning for more.

Her article summarizes research about friendship patterns.

Spoiler alert: Although it’s not quite this simple, the more one feels lonely, the more one needs friends.

You also may prefer to have fewer friends if you are a senior citizen or chimpanzee.

Take a look.

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