Longitudinal Study of Changes in Law Student Negotiation Behaviors

Andrea and I – along with a team of 4 non-law faculty researchers – are planning a longitudinal study of changes in negotiation behaviors in law students over the course of their three years.  And we need your help!  We are looking for law faculty partners who would administer the survey instrument at their schools to aid in data collection.

The fine print is that our faculty partners will have to do the following:

  • Get the administration of your law school to sign on to this 3 year project,
  • Provide the IRB of your school with the IRB approval we will be seeking shortly (this should be pro forma once we have approval),
  • Administer the survey instrument to the students at your school as follows:
    • Send 4 email blasts to students: 1 – a survey is coming your way, 2 – here’s the survey, 3 – the survey will be closing soon, 4 – the survey closes tonight,
    • Do this 3 times—year 1, year 2, and year 3.

The survey’s first administration is planned for early Fall 2022, and we are making this request as broadly as possible in hopes of getting as many schools on board as possible.  Naturally, we are happy to share details if you are interested or need more information (i.e. we will have prizes for participants, we can keep school identities confidential, and so forth).

If you are interested in helping us collect data in this way or have any questions, please email me (art.hinshaw@asu.edu) and/or Andrea (andrea.schneider@marquette.edu).  And if we have asked you informally about this in the not-too-distant past, please confirm whether you’re still interested.

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