Congratulations to Hinshaw/Schneider/Cole on CPR Awards

I am delighted to announce that three of the Indisputably Bloggers, Art Hinshaw, Andrea Kupfer Schneider, and Sarah Rudolph Cole won the CPR’s Outstanding Book Award for their 2021 publication Discussions in Dispute Resolution: The Foundational Articles (Oxford Univ. Press). We at Indisputably (who did not win a CPR award this year!) are incredibly proud of their tireless work in putting together this extraordinary collection.

Double congratulations are owed to Sarah for winning a second CPR Award this year: the Outstanding Professional Article Award for her article Arbitrator Diversity: Can it be Achieved?, 98 Wash. U.  L. Rev 965 (2021).  An outstanding and vital contribution to the current debate on the diversity of arbitrators!

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