Dispute Resolution Faculty among the Top 10 Cited faculty at the 68 Most Cited Law Schools (updated)

Yesterday TaxProf blog posted the 68 Most-Cited Law Faculties according to the Sisk, Catlin, Anderson, and Gunderson study titled Scholarly Impact of Law School Faculties in 2021.

According to the list, here are the DR faculty among the top 10 most-cited faculty the top 68 most-cited law schools:

6. Stanford – D. Hensler

9. Vanderbilt – C. Guthrie

11. UCLA – R. Korobkin

14. UC-Irvine – C. Menkel-Meadow

31. Illinois – J. Robbennolt

33. Colorado – S. Peppet

40. Kansas – C. Drahozal and S. Ware

43. Ohio State – S. Cole

46. (tie) American – S. Franck / Florida State – E. Ryan

57. Missouri – R. Gely, R. Reuben, and A. Schmitz

59. UNLV – J. Sternlight

63. (tie) Hofstra – R. Baruch Bush / Loyola (L.A.) – A. Zimmerman / Peperdine – M. Helfand, T. Stipanowich, and M. Weston / Santa Clara – L. Kloppenberg and G. Spitko

Congrats to all !

Note: many DR faculty publish in areas outside of DR, which would push their numbers higher.  Then again, who cares !  It’s great to see our DR colleagues being recognized.

Update – My apologies to our friends at Santa Clara, who I erroneously omitted from the original post.  They are now included as part of the tie at 63.