Link for Ohio State Symposium on the Role of ADR in Disputes Involving Gender-Based Violence

Our Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution hosted a terrific online symposium titled, “A Conversation about the Role of ADR in Resolving Issues of Gender-Based Violence.” Over 300 people were in attendance for most of the day. If you’d like to watch any of the proceedings, here are the links:

Morning panel:

Afternoon panel:

The morning panel focused on Title IX and dispute resolution. The afternoon panel focused on the role of dispute resolution in broader problems involving gender-based violence.

Both panels were knowledgeable and thoughtful about these difficult questions. The first panel included me, Brian Pappas, Jennifer Llewellyn, Kellie Brennan, and Daniel Del Gobbo. The afternoon panel included Donna Coker, Kelly Browe-Olson, Julie Goldscheid and Charisa Smith.

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