New Resource for Arbitration

The revived website at provides fresh content regarding arbitration with news items as well as original and curated articles from new and seasoned arbitration voices.  It also includes a web series called “The Arbitration Conversation.”  This is a periodic web series where Prof. Amy J. Schmitz interviews leading thinkers in arbitration from around the world. These can be used in arbitration classes to give students views “from the field.”  Also, the short webisodes simply provide thoughts, insights and analysis on key issues in arbitration for anyone interested in the field.  The episodes (with links) already “in the can,” so to say, include:

Each episode touches on a hot topic in arbitration, and most are under 20 minutes.

Thanks to Amy for putting together this valuable resource. I know I enjoyed very much contributing my thoughts (in Episode 22) about securities arbitration and commenting on the COVID-related hold on all in-person hearings!



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