AAA-ICDR Foundation New Grant Program for Racial Injustice Initiatives

The AAA-ICDR Foundation has established a new grant opportunity that will award one or two grants, up to a total of $250,000 each, to support programs that will address either of the following:

  • Racial Injustice Response: Create innovative and additional ways to engage citizens in meaningful dialogue with one another and/or with government authorities including the police to address long-standing racial discrimination in the U.S., such as differences in the use of force in interactions with people in communities on the basis of race.
  • COVID-19 Response: Make ADR processes more accessible and generally available or utilize them to improve traditional options for resolving disputes in the U.S. justice system.

Eligible programs must have the capability to become operational in a short period of time, serve a significant diverse number of people, and make their work available to generate easy replication. Interested organizations are required to submit a preliminary application by August 14, 2020. The AAA-ICDR Foundation will select a limited number of applicants to draft a more detailed proposal. To view the application, please visit the Foundation’s website and view the document titled Initial Description of Grant Request. You can also view the press release here.


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