Becoming – Again

I am biased.  I am a huge fan of Michelle Obama.

I recently watched the film Becoming on Netflix, which revolves around her book tour for her book of the same name.  The film includes some stories from the book but mostly it shows her interactions with people on the book tour.  It also includes photos of her family from her youth and a little tour of the apartment where she grew up.

People will react to this film much as they reacted to her and her book.  If they didn’t like her before, this isn’t going to make them like her now.  If they did like her before, this will remind them that they miss her.

I am in the latter group, as described in this post about her book.  That post ends with an inspiring excerpt worth re-reading.

I really appreciate leaders whose instinct is to say, “When they go low, I go high.”

Of course, negotiation theory teaches the risks of being exploited if people use only that strategy.  People need to be principled – and smart and strong to effectively counteract powerful parties taking unfair advantage.

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