10th Annual International Cyber-Conference on Dispute Resolution – April 8

From my former student, Brian Jarrett:

Hello and Welcome,

You are invited to our 10th Annual International Cyber-Conference on Dispute Resolution, Wed. April 8 @ Noon-2:30 pm (US Pacific Coast Time).  Please invite your students, colleagues, and community members to participate in this international event.

For nearly a decade, the Cyber-conference has promoted a global town-hall style dialogue between students, professors, mediators, arbitrators, Indigenous Peacemakers, scholars, lawyers, judges, law-makers, teachers, policy think-tanks, community leaders, and restorative practitioners in both the public and private sector. The conference supports the work of those building safer and healthier communities all over the world.

This year, our theme focuses on community engagement and human flourishing. Our Keynote Speaker is Jessica Jackley, who will discuss her work, including KIVA (the global micro-loan program) and her recent work in Green Banking. Here is a Ted Talk Jessica gave on KIVA.

We have also invited a number of outstanding contributors in Peace-building and leadership to speak to us about their respective work. Speakers include President Vahan Agopyan, University of Sao Paulo, Gerson Damiani, Executive Director, Global Centre for Peace Studies, Sao Paulo, Chief Justice Robert Yazzie, Navajo Nation, Polly Hyslop, University of Alaska, Brett Shelton, Native American Rights Fund, and Jimi Castillo, Tongva Peace-maker. We have a terrific group of participants and we have a global network of universities and other civil-society institutions contributing.

Because this is a cyber-conference we will be able to hold this event even if certain on-site locations get shut down, due to Covid-19.  Unlike other exclusively on-ground conferences that are subject to cancellation, the Cyber-conference is a conference you can attend and co-sponsor, despite Covid-19, precisely because it is accessible online.  We will be providing a ZOOM video-conferencing link shortly.   (We will also send updated posters and the Final Agenda shortly).

For further information or if you have questions please email Nancy Perry  or Brian Jarrett .

Here’s the conference poster. Please feel free to modify the Poster for your home institution and list your own institution as a co-sponsor of the conference. Give credit to your organization and yourself for co-sponsoring the event.

See you at our 10th Annual International Cyber-conference!

Onward and upward!


Dr. Brian Jarrett, JD., LL.M., Ph.D.
Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, & Peacebuilding Program
California State University Dominguez Hills

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