Settlement Fails

Hi all and happy new year!  For class this year, I am adding a delightful hilarious new video that talks about negotiation ethics in a really accessible way.  The very talented Liz Tippett has created, as one of her Law Lab projects, a video interviewing Michael Moffitt on his latest article published in the University of Chicago Law Review discussing Settlement Malpractice (recent co-winner at the AALS for best article on Professional Responsibility so you don’t need to only take my word on how great this article is).

In any case, the video is funny, short, and a great way to start the discussion on the types of behavior that can really get you into trouble.  I’ll be using it in ADR, negotiation, and ethics.  And, by the way, Liz has other great videos for use in class including on secret settlements and getting “OK Boomer”ed at work.  Have fun!

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