Jackie Font-Guzmán Op-Ed on Democracy and Self-Government in Puerto Rico

TFOI Jacqueline Font-Guzmán wrote this op-ed column on democracy and self-government in Puerto Rico.

She noted the publication of chat messages involving Governor Ricardo Rosselló which led to his resignation.  The messages “contained expletive attacks on the LGBTQ community, women, obese individuals, the 4,645 people who died as a result of Hurricane María, political opponents, members of the governor’s own political party, journalists and the poor. … The chat messages triggered unprecedented protests on the island and among the Puerto Rican diaspora demanding Rosselló’s resignation. … Puerto Ricans are demanding to live in a just society.  Puerto Ricans are demanding a corruption-free government that attends to the needs of all Puerto Ricans, not just a few.”  She said actions by the US Government reflect an imperialist approach toward Puerto Rico and she advocated decolonization.



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