Comings, Goings, and Other Milestones – 2019 edition

Every year I do my best to keep track of faculty moves and the like and post them here to spread the news.  We’re light on moves again this year, but we have several interesting interim appointments.  As I say every year, it’s entirely possible that I’m missing something that should be on the list.  If so, please send it my way for inclusion and I will update it promptly.  And as for this upcoming year, don’t forget the opening at Ohio State.


  • Rishi Batra (Texas Tech to Air Force Academy)


  • Sarah Cole (Ohio State) at Harvard
  • Ellen Waldman (Thomas Jefferson) at Quinnipiac (fall) and Cardozo (spring)


  • Kristen Blankley (Nebraska) – promoted to Full Professor
  • Donna Shestowsky (UC Davis) – named a Martin Luther King Jr. Professor of Law

New Interim Appointments

  • Jennifer Brown (Quinnipiac) – elevated to Interim Provost
  • Michael Colatrella (McGeorge) – elevated to Interim Dean
  • Lisa Kloppenberg (Santa Clara) – elevated to Interim Provost

Other Items of Interest

  • Chris Guthrie (Vanderbilt) – renewed 5 year term as Dean

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