Recent ADR Scholarship in non-ADR Law Reviews

I’ve been meaning for some time to highlight ADR articles that are published in mainline law reviews where blog readers might not see them as easily as they otherwise might.  So here’s the first go around, and this will probably be more monthly than article by article.

Bradford, C. Steven. Online arbitration as a remedy for crowdfunding fraud. 45 Fla. St. U. L. Rev. 1165-1210 (2018).

Chandrasekher, Andrea Cann, David Horton. Arbitration nation: data from four providers. 107 Cal. L. Rev. 1-65 (2019).

Chua-Rubenfeld, Sophia. The reverse-entanglement principle: why religious arbitration of federal rights is unconstitutional. 128 Yale L.J. 2087 (2019).

David Horton. Clause construction: a glimpse into judicial and arbitral decision-making. 68 Duke L.J. 1323-1382 (2019).

Lahav, Alexandra D., Peter Siegelman. The curious incident of the falling win rate: individual vs system-level justification and the rule of law. 52 UC Davis L. Rev. 1371-1427 (2019).

Reilly, Peter R. Sweetheart deals, deferred prosecution, and making a mockery of the criminal justice system: U.S. corporate DPAs rejected on many fronts. 50 Ariz. St. L.J.1113-1170 (2018).

Van Patten, Jonathan K. Twenty-five ways to say no. 63 S.D. L. Rev. 337-361 (2018).

Nancy A. Welsh. Dispute resolution neutrals’ ethical obligation to support measured transparency. 71 Okla. L. Rev. 823 (2019).


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