Negotiation, Trump, and Lessons for the Future

Just wanted to highlight for everyone that the Negotiation Journal has published an amazing set of wide-ranging and interdisciplinary brief commentaries on Trump and negotiation in a special issue called Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in the Age of Trump.   You can find this at Wiley and a few of us have also posted our articles on SSRN.

I’ll just highlight the comments on teaching–Noam Ebner wrote on Truth Wars in Begun the Trust War Has: Teaching Negotiation when Truth Isn’t Truth; Melissa Manwaring wrote on difficult moments in class in her article From Hot-Potato Questions to Teachable Moments: Using Analysis and Meta-Evaluation to Address Trump in the Negotiation Classroom, and I wrote about how teaching problem-solving is definitely more challenging when the President appears to defy every bit of good negotiation advice in my article Negotiating from the Bully Pulpit: Teaching Trump, Tactics, and Turmoil.

I note that while it might appear that the President has had some success with his bullying approach (the NFL’s response or perhaps trade with China), most negotiators have a long term view of their reputation and also do not have the might of the U.S. behind them, however misguided their strategies might be.

While Trump might be immune from the effects of his bullying and threats, we, as the country, will be the ones dealing with the consequences of a harmed reputation and likely retaliation, as we are already seeing in trade negotiations. Reminding our students who will bear the burden of these negotiation choices is a final crucial lesson.

Hope you enjoy!


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