Mediation is Unsuccessful in lawsuit between former Louisville Basketball players and NCAA

5 former Louisville basketball players are suing the NCAA about the NCAA’s removal of their 2013 National Championship title. The players, led by Luke Hancock, want the title restored and are also seeking restitution for individual damages.  Unfortunately mediation on January 28th was unsuccessful and the mediator has returned the case to the court, saying further mediation would also be unsuccessful.

I found several things noteworthy: first, that this is the first time that the NCAA has been ordered to mediation, second that the university is not a party to the case and finally I was pleased to see that both of these articles discuss the mediation in correct terms without misrepresenting the process or the role of the mediator.

For those of you (if any) wondering, yes, it was the Michigan Wolverines who the Cardinals beat in 2013 championship and no, this doesn’t mean that the Wolverines get to count it as a win.

Louisville basketball players lawsuit against the NCAA sent to Mediation

Louisville 2013 NCAA mediation unsuccessful

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