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I wanted to share a recent posting to the Dispute Resolution Listserve from my dear colleague Nancy Welsh describing some of the highlights from the last year at Texas A&M.  It is an honor and joy for me to be a part of it.  Here is Nancy’s message:

Dear Colleagues,

I’m very pleased to share with you the inaugural report and newsletter of Texas A&M Law’s Aggie Dispute Resolution Program. It’s attached, and you can also access the news it contains here.

  • Our faculty and students are being recognized for the value of our scholarship as well as our participation in leadership activities and competitions. For more, see “Faculty and Student Highlights” and “Recent Faculty Scholarship.”
  • We have dramatically expanded our students’ opportunity to learn about dispute resolution with new introductory courses as well as advanced courses highlighting local developments and dispute resolution in other parts of the world. For details, see “Curriculum Highlights.”
  • Our annual dispute resolution symposia are bringing together public officials, judges, lawyers, dispute resolution neutrals, court administrators and academics to grapple with important issues. We just finished hosting our symposium on the need for greater transparency regarding dispute resolution. Last April, we examined how dispute resolution neutrals can help communities recover from natural disasters—a topic that continues to be very relevant. Upcoming events at Texas A&M Law will include consideration of the role of dispute resolution in social movements coming to the workplace and in a post-NAFTA world. Learn about all of our recent and upcoming events in “Event Highlights.”

My very best,


Nancy A. Welsh
Professor of Law
Director, Dispute Resolution Program
Texas A&M University School of Law


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