Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution Hosts Symposium on Communication in Times of Crisis

The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution will host a symposium on Friday, November 9th, at the Moritz College of Law, titled Communication in Crisis: Implementing ADR Strategies in Times of Civil Unrest.

At the symposium, presenters will analyze the dynamics and challenges that civic and organizational stakeholders confront when disseminating messages to their constituents during an event that has triggered unrest. What happens when law enforcement practices generate citizen backlash that is instantly shared on social media? When university students protest a known controversial speaker who has been invited to speak at their campus? When a disgruntled teenager enters a public high school and threatens mass shootings? Or when a Me-Too incident publicly emerges at a worksite?
In such challenging situations, multiple stakeholders must skillfully deploy dispute resolution skills and strategies to plan for or respond to developments. Organizational leaders must design and implement communication protocols that keep persons informed.
From both a theoretical and practical stance, symposium participants will examine how community leaders and members can constructively meet communication challenges amidst such apparent dissonance.

4 thoughts on “Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution Hosts Symposium on Communication in Times of Crisis”

  1. This symposium is focusing on an area where ADR is seriously needed. Let me ditto Fowler’s comment and add to the request. This is the kind of symposium that needs to be widely disseminated and to serve as a seed to be planted across the nation for many organizations to harvest. So sorry I cannot attend.

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