Photo Album: 2018 ABA SDR Conference

Continuing my tradition, I took photos of folks at the recent ABA Section of Dispute Resolution conference. You can click here to see the photo collections I previously posted, along with an explanation of what they represent.

Below are pictures from the conference, which are limited to shots (1) of people with whom I happened to cross paths, (2) when I had my camera and the presence of mind to take a picture instead of just gab, (3) when people tolerated my interruption of their conversations to let me boss them into letting me take their picture, and (4) of people that readers of this blog are likely to know. As a result, this is a very incomplete and unrepresentative sample of people at the conference.

The photos are in no particular order and some of them are mysteriously a bit out of focus.

Sheila Purcell, Hiro Aragaki, Peter Reilly, Cynthia Alkon, Natalie Fleury

Dwight Golann, Debra Berman, Jim Alfini, Carol Leibman, Carrie Menkel-Meadow

John Barkai, Carrie Kaas

Andrea Schneider, Jill Gross

Charlie Craver, Katey Craver

Donna Erez-Navot, Sharon Press

Anna Rappaport, Rafael Gely, Bob Jerry

Terry Amsler, Lisa Amsler, Mariana Gonstead

Amy Glass, Bobbi McAdoo, Donna Stienstra

John Lande, Cassandra Adams

Past chairs of ABA Section of Dispute Resolution:  Wayne Thorpe, Howard Herman, Bruce Meyerson, Larry Mills, Debbie Masucci, Kim Kovach, Homer Larue

Susan Yates, Jen Shack

Some Section Publications Board members:  Amy Glass, Andy LIttle, Rebecca Price, Dwight Golann, Jean Sternlight, Brian Farkas

Section Chair Ben Davis, Publication Board Co-chairs Andy Little and Rebecca Price

Nick White, Donna Stienstra

Indisputably bloggers and Israeli pilgrims:  Art Hinshaw, Jill Gross, Cynthia Alkon, Andrea Schneider, Peter Reilly, Kelly Browe Olson, Deb Eisenberg, Nancy Welsh, Toby Guerin, Maureen Weston

Michaela Keet, Kimberly Cork

Annette Burns, Peter Salem, Carrie Kaas

John Lande, Yael Efron, Ann Harrell, Noam Ebner

Hal Abramson, Kimberly Cork, Serena Lee, Joan Stearns Johnsen

Kay Marshall

Lainey Feingold

Susan Yates, Colin Rule, Sheila Purcell

Jonathan Rosenthal

A few good friends

More friends

Wiggly friends

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