ADR and Prejudice

I am posting this from my wonderful colleague at Texas A&M, and friend of Indisputably, Michael Green:

I thought readers of Indisputably might be interested to know about a thoughtful and thought-provoking symposium issue published at the end of 2017 by the SMU Law Review starting with Richard Delgado revisiting his landmark 1985 article on prejudice in ADR and articles from many wonderful ADR scholars on this list including: Carol Izumi; Andrea Schneider; Nancy Welsh; Eric Yamamoto; Gilat Bachar & Deborah Hensler; Pat Chew; Sarah Rudolph Cole; Charles Craver; and Lisa Blomgren. I offer a contribution as well.

It is a wonderful collection of scholarly thoughts about ADR and issues of prejudice. I am honored to have been a part of such a great collection of scholars on the subject. It is divided into two issues of volume 70 of the SMU Law Review. You can find it by clicking on Issue 3 and then Issue 4 at this link.

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