ADR and Access to Justice: Current Perspectives (at this year’s AALS Meeting)

Courtesy of my Moritz College of Law colleague, Ellen Deason:

As you prepare for the AALS Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, plan on attending the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section’s program on Thursday, January 4 at 1:30 p.m. The topic is ADR and Access to Justice: Current Perspectives. The panelists bring theoretical, practical, and empirical, perspectives based on their dispute resolution work in employment, court-connected programs, minority access, consumer disputes, online dispute resolution, ethics, and international commercial disputes. We plan a forward-looking discussion that compares and contrasts current issues in access to justice from their varied vantage points. The program is co-sponsored by the Litigation section and we encourage you to invite your colleagues in litigation.

Michael Z. Green, Texas A&M University School of Law
Deborah Masucci, International Mediation Institute
Donna Shestowsky, UC Davis School of Law
Rory Van Loo, Boston University School of Law
Ellen Waldman, Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Ellen E. Deason, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

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