Photo Album – AALS WIP Conference 2017

Arizona State hosted this year’s wonderful AALS ADR Section Works-in-Progress conference.  In addition to hearing what veterans in our field are working on, I was especially impressed by the work of some of our newer colleagues.  The conference showcased ASU’s cool new building in downtown Phoenix, where the temperature never got above 100.

You will be shocked to learn that I took some photos.   Check out this link for a description of the method of my madness.

The famous “Star Trek” room

Court yard

Fabulous hosts Roselle Wissler and Art Hinshaw

Donnas:  Erez-Navot and Shestowsky

Carrie Kaas, Noam Ebner, Rishi Batra

Carol Pauli, Carli Conklin

Scott Hughes, Kathleen Claussen, Ron Aronovsky

Deb Eisenberg, Lydia Nussbaum

Elayne Greenberg, Ron Aronovsky, David Noll

Jill Gross, Donna Erez-Navot

Colleen Baker, Carli Conklin

Emeritus who attended one too many conferences

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