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From Donna Erez-Navot at Cardozo.

Dear Dispute Resolution Community:Dear Dispute Resolution Community:

The Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution is very excited to announce that the 2017 Jed D. Melnick Symposium, Persistent Human Divides: Creative Initiatives for Communication, Collaboration, and Cohesion, will be available to live stream on November 13, 2017!

Links to the live stream for each panel follow this message. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to witness this groundbreaking event no matter where you are.
The Symposium will be exploring innovations in the development of dispute resolution teaching, training and tools, including:• Dispute resolution curriculum for our times• An important role for art in expanding perspectives• The role of media in shaping their readers’ understanding of conflicts• Peacemaking circles to promote healing and harmony in families and communities• Facilitation and training for groups needing cohesion and community.

Links to live stream:
Keynote: Building an Adequate Negotiation Curriculum for Our Conflict Ridden Times – Michael Tsur  – 9:15 AM to 10:15 AM

Powerful Tools for Promoting Healing and Perspective Shifts – Brad Heckman, Elizabeth Clemants and Glen Parker – 10:25 AM to 11:40

Bridging Political and Cultural Divides – Ashok Panikkar and Bob Bordone – 11:50 AM to 12:50

The Powerful Documentary – Michelle Greenberg-Kobrin and Abigail Disney – 1:35 PM to 2:35 PMLocal to Global to Local – Maria Volpe, Brad Roth, Philip Blamo, and Prabha Sankaranarayan – 2:35 PM to 3:50

Changing Attitudes and Behaviors through the Media – John Marks and Carol Pauli – 4:00 PM to 5:00

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