Photo Album – SEALS Conference 2017

Sarah, Art, and Andrea organized a series of four sessions at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS) conference two weeks ago.  Each session involved discussion of four classic articles in our field written before 2000.  This will lead to a book with short commentaries, including some by the authors of the original articles.  It was really good.  I even enjoyed the session on arbitration.

Per my tradition, I took a few photos.   You can click here to see the photo collections I previously posted, along with an explanation of what they represent.

lineups of the usual suspects

Carli Conklin, Imre Szalai, Jill Gross, Elayne Greenberg, Mark Weidemaier

Steve Ware, Andrea Schneider, Rishi Batra

John Lande, Bobby Marzine Harges, Rick Bales, Cynthia Alkon

Erid Archerd, Art Hinshaw, Ellen Deason, Sarah Cole

unidentified colleague

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