This Is Dedication

UPDATE 4/25: Photo added of some ADR juniors, below the jump.

Kelly Browe Olson and Alyson Carrel, the Spring Conference Standing Committee Co-Chairs of the ABA DR Conference here in San Francisco, are truly dedicated to the success of the event. Here they are at the Thursday reception. Not only do they match, they are wearing the color scheme of the commemorative tote.

Bonus photo! Whose shoes are these, spotted on Friday morning of the conference?

And here are some ADR juniors, enjoying the late afternoon sun post-Professor Resource Share! Side note: Professor Resource Share is absolutely the best. Many thanks to Bobbi and Sharon for making it such a wonderful event.

3 thoughts on “This Is Dedication”

  1. Of course the shoes are Andrea Schneider’s, amirite? Wish I were there to learn and celebrate with you!

  2. Indeed they are. It would have been even more awesome if those were Lela Love’s shoes.

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