Photo Album – 2017 ABA SDR Conference

Continuing my tradition, I took photos of folks at the recent ABA Section of Dispute Resolution conference in San Francisco.  You can click here to see the photo collections I previously posted, along with an explanation of what they represent.

Below, in no particular order, are pictures from this latest conference, which are limited to shots (1) of people with whom I happened to cross paths, (2) when I had my camera and the presence of mind to take a picture instead of just gab, (3) when people tolerated my interruption of their conversations to let me boss them into letting me take their picture, and (4) of people that readers of this blog are likely to know.  As a result, this is a very incomplete and unrepresentative sample of people at the conference, including some recidivists.

Please let me know of any errors in the captions or the identity of the woman in white.

Following the photos of humans, I include some shots of the hotel and nearby surroundings. Sorry, no food photos.

Art Hinshaw, Nancy Welsh, Michael Moffitt, Andrea Schneider

Lauren Newell, Natalie Fleury, Noam Ebner, Erin Archerd, Liz Tippett

Kelly Olson, Peter Salem, Nancy ver Steegh, Mike Saini

Lela Love and Josh Stulberg

Jim Alfini, Kristen Blankley, Jen Reynolds

Peter Reilly

Ron Kelly, Wayne Brazil, Thelton Henderson, John Lande

Kevin Malone, Alyson Carrel, Marjorie Aaron, Peter Salem

John Sturrock

Noam Ebner, John Lande

Debra Berman, Art Hinshaw

Natalie Fleury, Rishi Batra, Cynthia Alkon

Nancy Welsh, Roselle Wissler

Vikki Rogers, Donna Shestowsky, Lauren Newell

Ava Abramowitz, Lainey Feingold, John Lande

Looking down into the Hyatt lobby

neural globe sculpture (that’s what I’m calling it, anyway)

Bay Bridge and Ferry Building

Justin Herman Plaza

Coit Tower in the distance

Bay Bridge at twilight

Bay Bridge at night

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