CPR Announces Academic Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s CPR academic award winners. CPR’s press release is available here.

Outstanding Professional Articles

Winner: Hal Abramson, Nelson Mandela as Negotiator: What Can We Learn from Him? 31 Ohio St. J. on Dispute Resolution 1 (2016). Article Link via HeinOnline.
Honorable Mention: Douglas N. Frankel & James H. Stark, Improving Lawyer’s Judgment: Is Mediation Training De Biasing? 21 Harvard Neg. L.R. 1 (2015)
Short Article: Ben Giaretta, Project Management in International Arbitration, 3 McGill J. of Dispute Resolution 66 (2016-17)

Joseph T. McLaughlin Original Student Article Award

Winner: Theresa Mullineaux, “The Latest NFL Fumble: Using its Commissioner as the Sole Arbitrator: State ex rel. Hewitt v. Kerr,” 461 S.W.3d 798 (Mo. 2015)

Y-ADR Annual Writing Award

Winner: Jared Hubbard, “Charting a Course for Success: The Importance of An Initial Case Plan.”

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