Arizona State Seeks Civil Litigation Clinician

While not a dispute resolution post, I’ve been asked to spread the word, so . . . .

We at Arizona State are seeking a clinician to design and direct a general civil litigation clinic (job posting here).  Specifically, the position’s requirements are:

  • designing a general civil litigation clinic at the law school;
  • teaching students through both non-directive case supervision and simulation-based instruction in the civil litigation process and trial advocacy;
  • participating in the College of Law’s mission of education, research, and service to the broader community; and
  • working with students and adjunct faculty to provide legal representation to people with limited access to the courts.

ASU is both a dynamic place to work and a good place to be, and the College of Law is a great platform for integrating into the legal community.  Our turn around time is tight as the application deadline is listed as February 17 (10 days!!) or until the job is filled.  I expect that we will be accepting applications through the beginning of March.  Feel free to send any questions my way.

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