The Law School with No Name – for this week, at least

As you may or may not know, the University of Houston School of Law sued the Houston College of Law, which changed its name from the South Texas School of Law over the summer, for trademark infringement.  The Houston College of Law lost a TRO hearing on the matter, and has agreed to change it’s name going forward.  According to the Houston Chronicle:

Houston College of Law, formerly known as South Texas College of Law, has agreed to change its name one more time in the next two weeks to avoid going to trial in a federal trademark lawsuit brought by the University of Houston, which said the new name and red-and-white color scheme was confusing to consumers.

Lynne Liberato, one of the lawyers for the school with a soon-to-be-announced name, said the college has taken down a banner on campus, removed merchandise from its store and plans to have several billboards taken down, possibly as soon as this week.

The school’s legal team agreed during a hearing on Wednesday to share its new name — which will honor a benefactor and include the word “Houston” at the end — by Nov. 4.

If UH officials see no conflict, the new name will begin to be implemented, and that process must finish by the year’s end, the attorneys agreed. 
Here’s hoping for an “all’s well that ends well” type situation.  Prior Indisputably coverage of this here and here.

Hat tip – TaxProf Blog

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