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Indisputably is intended to foster conversations linking dispute resolution scholarship, education, and practice. So we really love it when readers take part in these conversations by adding your comments.

Because of a spate of spam some time ago, we have a system to approve comments before they get posted.  Unfortunately, the website sometimes sends comments straight to the trash without an indication that they are ready to be approved. This is a puzzling experience for people whose comments aren’t posted and sometimes people just try again, often with the same result.

So we suggest that you save your comments in a word processing program and then copy and paste them so that you don’t have to retype them if our website ate your homework (or comment).

If you write a comment and it isn’t posted within a day or so, please email me (andrea.schneider@marquette.edu) or John Lande (landej@missouri.edu) and we will try to find and post it.  Thanks much!

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