Bernie Mayer’s Great Blog – Staying with Conflict During this Crazy Election

GFOI Bernie Mayer has a wonderful blog, Staying with Conflict – the Election Edition 2016.

Our political discourse is a far cry from what we learned in high school civics class.  Past elections have displayed serious problems of misrepresentation, fearmongering, and evasion of serious discussion of critical issues.  But it is so much worse this year than any I can remember.

The political world is so polarized that I find it hard to have a serious conversation about the election.  So I generally avoid political discussion.

Fortunately, Bernie Mayer hasn’t.  He has been blogging about this from his conflict engagement perspective.  I really appreciate that he writes some things I have felt but haven’t been able to articulate.  And many things I hadn’t considered.

Of course, you may or may not agree with various things he writes depending on your political views.  But I think it’s definitely worth reading.  So check it out – it’s cheaper than therapy.

And hopefully you can maintain your sanity until November (though I’m afraid it won’t be a picnic after then either).

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