Wage Gap negotiations–now in prime time

I just have to post this–this commercial is awesome.  I love that wage gap is now part of the commercial lexicon and that asking for it is portrayed so wonderfully.  Practice your arguments, think of criteria, find your courage (apply deodorant, apparently) and go for it.   She is not worrying about being likeable, she is worrying about being treated fairly.   Of course, in the next commercial, I’d like to see the guy sweating it out, having to explain why a woman is being paid less and what structural changes he is going to implement in order to make sure that doesn’t happen again!

One thought on “Wage Gap negotiations–now in prime time”

  1. I was horrified by this commercial. As a woman in business for 30 years, and as a “leader” with many departments under me, there is no way I would have acted so passively while asking for a raise or negotiating wages. Her voice tone did not demonstrate confidence or leadership abilities. She also looked unkempt. I know times have changed, and I did not grant wages based on appearance only, but I would have appreciated a more professional woman in this commercial. The old phrase, “Never let them see you sweat”, would have made a better emulation. This commercial just makes women look weak.

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