Photo Album – 20th Century Plus

All good things must come to an end.    So it is with this series of photo albums.   This will be a loss for some of you (and you know who you are), but hopefully you can find some good grief counseling.

This album is from a smorgasbord of events, starting (or really ending) with a remarkable three-week workshop that Nancy Rogers, Frank Sander, and Craig McEwen organized at Ohio State in 1993.  The pictures are mostly from the last century, though there are a few from the 21st Century.   Some of the dates and events may not be quite right, so let me know if you see any errors.

2001 MU CSDR faculty

Missouri DR faculty in 2001.  Back row:  Jim Levin, Len Riskin, John Lande.  Middle row:  Ilhyung Lee, Richard Reuben, Jen Robbennolt, Jim Westbrook.  Front row:  Bob Baily, Jean Sternlight, Chris Guthrie, Tim Heinsz.

2000 MU CSDR faculty

(Some) Missouri DR faculty in 2000.  Back row:  Jim Levin, Richard Reuben, Jean Sternlight, Chris Guthrie.  Front row:  Jen Robbennolt, Bob Bailey, John Lande, Len Riskin.

Here are several shots from the 2001 ABA SDR Conference, I think.

2001 ABA DR group

Back row:  John Lande, Bobbi McAdoo, John Barkai, Jon Hyman.  Front row:  Jim Levin, Ron Kelly, Jim Coben.

2001 ABA DR Howard Claudia Robert

Howard Herman, Claudia Bernard, Robert Rack

2001 John Gary Ron

John Lande, Gary Friedman, Ron Kelly

Here are shots from the 2001 Association for Conflict Resolution conference.

2001 ACR dinner group

Dennis Sharp, Ellen Miller, Ron Kelly, Gary Weiner, Terry Amsler, Heather Anderson, Gail Nugent, Alan Wiener

2001 ACR Don Martha Jonathan

Don Peters, Martha (Marty) Peters, Jonathan Cohen

Here are two shots from the 2000 ACR conference.

2000 ACR Michelle Juliana

Michelle LeBaron, Juliana Birkoff

2000 ACR Ron

Ron Kelly was on a legendary session about the Uniform Mediation Act.   He listed a long list of exceptions to confidentiality under the draft and, after each one, he drilled a hole in the bottom of the wastebasket shown in the photo.   He built up to a dramatic crescendo and then poured a pitcher of water into the bucket to illustrate the protection under the Act.  After that, Richard Reuben, who was a reporter for the Act, held up the wastebasket and said, “This is the protection with the Act.”  Then he flung it aside and said, “This is the protection without the Act.”  Quite a session.

2000 ABA DR Julia Carol Suzanne Jim John

The 2000 ABA SDR conference?  Julia Gold, Carol Izumi, Susanne Schmitz, Jim Stark, John Lande

1999 WAM group 2

Wisconsin Association of Mediators conference in 1999.  Back row:  Tom Fiutak, ?, Jeff Senger, Ann Milne, Nancy Welsh, Bobbi McAdoo.  Front row:  Andrea Schneider, Jim Alfini.

Two shots from the SPIDR (Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution) conference in 1999.

1999 SPIDR group

Josh Stulberg, Nancy Welsh, Kitty Atkins, Chris Honeyman, Lela Love

1999 SPIDR group 2

Ron Kelly, John Helie, Dennis Sharp

Here’s a shot of some of the planning committee for the 1999 SPIDR conference.

1999 SPIDR planning committee

Back row:  John Lande, David Jones, Glenn Sigurdson, Paddy Moore.  Front row:  Mike Hughes, Cliff Hendler, Michelle LeBaron, John Stephens.

1998 Dana Jim

Dana Curtis and Jim Alfini at a chance encounter.

1998 Honeyman moveable feast

At a 1998 “moveable feast” organized by Chris Honeyman.  Kim Kovach, Jim Boskey, Michelle LeBaron, John Lande, Maria Volpe.   The ABA SDR sponsors a student essay contest named after Jim Boskey.  He was a one-man blog-listserv-website-ssrn, publishing thick newsletters with a  comprehensive listing and descriptions of  new books, articles, videos, and any other DR resources.  Back then, one (obsessed) person could do that.

1998 AFCC group

Sally Ganong Pope, Tom Fee, Ann Milne, Peter Salem at at 1998 AFCC (Association of Family and Conciliation Courts) conference.

Here are two shots from a mini-symposium organized by Sharon Press and Jean Sternlight at Florida State in 1997.

1997 Florida State symposium

Back row:  Jim Alfini, Patsy Palmer, Craig McEwen, Paul LeBel, Jeff Stempel.  Middle row:  Sharon Press, Jean Sternlight.  Bottom row:  John Lande, Baruch Bush, Deborah Hensler.

1997 John, Baruch, Sharon

One of my all-time favorite shots.  John Lande, Baruch Bush, Sharon Press in her spiffy convertible.

Finally, two shots from the Ohio State workshop in 1993.

1993 Ohio State Craig McEwen

Craig McEwen

1993 Ohio State Frank Sander

Frank Sander

I hope you have enjoyed the photos.

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